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DOG SPIKE gives all BBQ enthusiasts, even beginners, the opportunity to concoct sandwiches in an original and effective way. Promotion | The BBQ Toaster

By purchasing the DOG SPIKE and by considering other possible offers, it is important to give you additional information.

Many recipe offers are possible with the DOG SPIKE. With its ingenious design, the DOG SPIKE gives all BBQ enthusiasts, even beginners, the opportunity to concoct sandwiches in an original and effective way.

For the regulars of the grill, you are in possession of an essential and easy to use tool. With its versatility, the DOG SPIKE barbecue accessory offers you a change from the traditional BBQ party.

Here you are in the presence of a tool that changes the offer and the possibilities during a festive gathering.

The DOG SPIKE includes 6 heating rods including, 4 rods 1.5 inches in diameter (3.81 cm) and 2 rods 1 inch in diameter (2.54 cm).

Offering you delicious sandwiches!

Combined with a baguette-style bread of your choice, this tool allows you to safely pierce and toast the bread, while offering you delicious sandwiches!

In addition to the traditional sandwiches and sausages, the DOG SPIKE accessory offers you some recipes concocted over the years, and have made everyone happy! Take a few moments to discover and browse the photos or video on the site.

Rest assured that DOG SPIKE will inspire your culinary imagination and conquer the most skeptical!

The DOG SPIKE accessory is designed to fit all types
barbecue or appliances available on the market.
Its shape fits very well on the grid so
horizontally than vertically.

Dimensions of the DOG SPIKE Heating Rod Plate

Length : 14 inches (35.56 cm)
Width : 6 inches (15.24 cm)
Height : 7 inches (17.78 cm)


  • 1 accessory DOG SPIKE
  • 1 handling sleeve
  • 12 sandwich bags
  • 1 explanatory leaflet
Trousse DOG SPIKE Kit | Sandwichs | Sandwiches
Manchon DOG SPIKE Seeve | Sandwichs | Sandwiches


Additional sleeve
$ 5 (plus taxes – plus delivery)


$ 20 (plus taxes and delivery)

DOG SPIKE – entirely Quebec content is the only designer, manufacturer and distributor authorized to sell DOG SPIKE. Any reproduction or copy is strictly prohibited without the consent of DOG SPIKE accessory.

DOG SPIKE Accessory Warranty
DOG SPIKE is designed and manufactured entirely from food grade 304 stainless steel, which does not rust, so in principle should be guaranteed for life.

* Accessory DOG SPIKE, can not offer this guarantee, considering not having the control of the handling of this one – plate stem – against possible contamination in contact with metals of different families.

Which means that as soon as there is contact in any way between an alloy different from the DOG SPIKE design, this one is conducive to keeping tiny foreign particles, and it becomes oxidizable, and at the same time it removes the stainless properties of the DOG SPIKE accessory. For this reason, we can not offer a guarantee “against rust”

Thank you for your understanding.